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  • This was my first visit to The Fix Machine. I could not have had a better experience, I told the Vet how much I had to pay for what I needed & they did their best to not exceed that. I was able to get my 2 dogs caught up with their vaccines & examined for any noticable issues. We were in & out in under an hour. The vet tech was very kind & understanding that my big dog would try to bite during the exam. We mussled him. Usually they don't listen to me when I warn them, I've heard it a dozen times 'animals love me, he'll probably be fine' then they're surprised when he turns on them. That was the case here, they actually listened to me! My little dog was a breeze & they were able to examine her very quickly. It was a great experience & I will continue to take my dogs to The Fix Machine!

    Just Trollin

  • Got my kitty fixed today, and my adult cat got a shot a few weeks ago. Both visits were smooth, prices were very affordable and I appreciate how everything was explained to me thoroughly.

    Meriah Rodriguez

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