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  • They are so kind, even when you don't want to hear what they're telling you about your pet(s). They held my hand through the last rough year of my 15yr old fur baby Lucy, taught me how to care for the grain allergies of a blind aged dog I talked the neighbor into giving up, neutered without complications my beagie, performed eye surgery on chi mix who lost at a game of "bitey face", completely changed the pissy, sour, snapping attitude of a 10yr dachshund I inherited when my dad passed by extracting all of her painfully rotted teeth (don't feed canned food!!) She is such a fun & funny little thing now. Staff remembers me from visit to visit & prices are in general competitive or slightly lower EXCEPT euthanasia and honestly if I was a vet I'd jack the price so people would go elsewhere. I call the local mobile vet for a house call and even with the per mile fee it's way less expensive and less stressful than holding a loved pet in a crowded waiting room knowing that your going to kill them in minutes trying not to cry whilst others stare at you.

    Kimberly Schauss

  • Great service for my baby boy Buddha. They are wonderful and the prices can't be beat. Walk in times for vaccinations is so great.

    Meesha Meesha

  • 4.3 Google Rating