Getting your pet’s teeth and mouth examined each year is an important part of keeping them healthy.

The Importance of Pet Dental Health

The importance of proactive dental care for your pet can often be overlooked or forgotten, simply because it is not talked about as often. The team at The Fix Machine Animal Health Clinic is dedicated to your pet’s overall health, including dental care. We are here to help you keep your pet’s pearly whites happy and healthy by providing you with all you need to know about animal dentistry.

You may be thinking, “I brush my pet’s teeth once a week, isn’t that enough?” Like humans, regular brushing is not always a comprehensive hygiene practice and additional care is needed from a dental professional. Thankfully, our veterinarians are fully equipped to perform dental exams and cleanings on your pet. A dental cleaning consists of polishing the teeth and removing any plaque and build-up. Some other common dental procedures and treatments include extraction and periodontal treatments of your pet’s teeth to ensure their overall wellness. The process of a veterinary oral exam is quite similar to humans. The veterinarian first examines your pet’s teeth, gums, tongue, and jaw, looking for any irregularities. Oftentimes, the vet may take X-Rays of your pet’s mouth to further examine their jaw and the roots of the teeth, since most oral diseases are rooted below the gumline.

Common Signs of Dental Issues

To keep your pet’s smile in the best condition, we recommend that your pet’s teeth be examined and cleaned at least once a year. You may want to consider taking your pet in for an exam if you notice any of the following:

  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Discolored teeth
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Challenges with eating, chewing and keeping food in their mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bleeding or swelling from the mouth or gums

The causes for these symptoms can range from Periodontal disease (a serious gum infection that can decay bone) to infections, and tumors, so it is always best to get your pet immediate medical attention before they worsen.

To keep your pet safe and calm during a dental cleaning, it is a required practice to put your pet under anesthesia. It minimizes the risk of your pet accidentally harming themselves or the veterinary team.

If you are in Kennewick, Washington and looking to get a comprehensive dental cleaning for your pet, we at The Fix Machine Animal Health Clinic, would be ecstatic to care for your pet and all their dental needs! To book a cleaning or an exam, please call 509-987-1738.

If you would like more information surrounding pet dental health, please read these 10 facts that AAHA put together.