get the most out of your vet visit

Getting the Most Out of Your Veterinary Visit

Due to the massive increase of more pets finding their fur-ever homes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a nationwide shortage of vets and their availability. What does this mean for you as a pet owner? It means every vet visit counts! Here at The Fix Machine Animal Health Clinic in Kennewick, Washington we are dedicated to bringing you our top recommendations for getting the most out of your next veterinary visit.

Documentation is Everything!

Prior to your pet’s visit if your pet is experiencing any odd or new symptoms, be sure to document them. Whether it is via video, pictures, or notes, by documenting, you are being proactive in your pet’s care and are giving your vet the most accurate and detailed information possible. Plus, if they need immediate care, your documentation is only an email or text away from your vet’s inbox. Speaking of email or text, make sure your veterinarian has the most up-to-date contact information for you! This is essential for receiving medical and appointment reminders.

Come Prepared

You would be surprised that the littlest of changes in your pet’s diet, routine, or behavior may have a major impact on their health. If there have been any changes from your last vet visit such as a new food brand or quantity, putting them on any allergy medication, or you started taking long walks, come prepared with an update. Also, prior to your pet’s appointment, make sure you review your veterinarian’s COVID-19 safety protocols or curbside services. This enables you as a pet owner to be precise with your information and ensure the maximum outcome of your vet visit.

advocate for your pet

Be The Ultimate Advocate for Your Pet

No one knows your pet better than you. Give yourself the much-needed peace of mind if you have any concerns by speaking up! As the old saying goes, no question is a dumb question. As much as we all wish this, pets cannot speak for themselves, therefore, we must speak on their behalf.

When You Know More, You Do Better

Rest assured, your vet will appreciate your proactive role in your pet’s well-being and will be your support system throughout your pet’s lifetime. By following these simple yet highly effective tips, you are ensuring the care of your pet and creating ease of mind that you are the best paw-rent around!

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